To tell your story, we build brand using a mix of effective strategy and solid creativity.

Brand Development

How we define brand

Brand is an overused term today, defined differently and meaning something unique to everyone. As a branding agency, we choose to define brand as a story – a story that creates an emotional connection. But, to tell a good story, you have to have a good story. And you have to know what your story means to your audience.

Branding is what we do, and we do it with strategy and creativity. We use a discovery process to help define and build your story by identifying your goals and visions, uncovering what makes your company unique, and by creating a profile of your ideal client (your audience).

And just like that, the story unfolds.

Our branding services

Brand Audit & Discovery Process

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Messaging & Copywriting

Logo Design

Brand Style Guides

Brand Rollout Support

Social Media Consistency

Designated Brand Manager & Brand Strategist

The story of
Third Mason

A Case Study

One of our original and longest ongoing clients, 1 Source Services, pivoted their business model from commercial and residential real estate improvement and construction, to focus on real estate brokerage. The company’s owner loves the parable of the Third Mason and wanted to rename the company to reflect that. The question of how the story of the Third Mason relates to real estate and how will their audience would relate was paramount. As it turns out, it was an easy story to tell… Read More

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