The story of Third Mason

One of our original and longest ongoing clients, 1 Source Services, pivoted their business model from commercial and residential real estate improvement and construction, to focus on real estate brokerage. The company’s owner loves the parable of the Third Mason and wanted to rename the company to reflect that. When sitting down during our discovery and strategy sessions, we uncovered how perfectly the parable fits the company’s approach and mission. We had the story – usually the most difficult part to get from clients – and now we needed to make the story matter to his audience.

The story of the Third Mason goes something like this: A man who comes across three masons chipping away at granite, so he asks one mason what he’s doing. “Just chipping away”, says the mason. When asked the same question, the second mason replies “making my piece of granite fit with others”. Curious, the man now asks the third mason who replies “I am building a magnificent home”. It’s the Third Mason who sees the bigger picture and has trust that all the small pieces will not only fit together, but will create beauty and permanence.

Our challenge was to create a brand story from a known parable. Make it understandable and relatable. Make it real-estate specific.

We started with a logo that’s simple since the story can get complicated. We added a tagline that sums it all up – “real estate is our calling”. Then we launched a multi-channel campaign to explain and tie it all together. We leaned heavily on ‘edutainment’, emphasizing how Third Mason Real Estate always sees the big picture and is always an advocate for their clients. We’ve created and perpetuated a brand that is synonymous with stability, durability, dependability, substance, and permanence – the very qualities buyers expect of their real estate purchases.

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