Our websites aren't just websites - they are part of a robust digital strategy we leverage to promote your brand, generate leads and expand your business.

Website Design & Development

Every pixel has a purpose

From our roots as a web design company, we have grown and sharpened our skills to offer holistic digital development that aligns the critical success factors of your business. Sure, we still believe in the art of designing beautiful, unique sites, but we make sure every pixel has a purpose. Our websites are always created from the ground-up to not only fit within your business’s big picture, but to be a focal point of that picture.


Just like the development of your brand, we use a discovery process to understand your website needs – your audience, your competition, your space, and your aforementioned big picture – so we can build a website that works for you, rather than just being an obligation.

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Your new business partner

When you work with 761, you’re getting a partner whose success depends upon your success. That means we’re with you all the way and in every way. Our digital solutions are always integrated with the platforms that drive your business, whether it’s CRM or an industry-specific tool. Our websites are content managed, meticulously maintained, and rigorously tested so you can concentrate on your business instead of website uptime.


What’s more, your partnership with 761 includes ongoing website strategy management, content development, campaign landing page development, search engine optimization, Google Analytics reporting, hosting and more. It’s a turnkey approach that sets our agency – and therefore your business – apart from the rest.

Responsive web design

You expect a consistent and understandable website experience, whether it’s on your laptop, tablet or phone. You know the drill – you start a search on your computer and then realize it’s time to pick your child up from school. While you sit in the car line, you pull out your phone and continue the search. And you just hate it when the mobile experience doesn’t match up to the desktop experience.

‘Responsive’ is when the experience works fluidly. We design every site to work with every device and across all platforms, so your users will never have a bad experience. And with 55%+ of all website traffic coming from mobile phones, we can help you develop a ‘mobile-first’ strategy, which could be an important step for your business.

38% increase in Pageviews

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Search engine optimization

The most beautiful and functional website in the world is pretty useless if your customers can’t find it. That is pretty much the definition of SEO – making it easy to find. Many will make you believe SEO is voodoo, but the truth is, it’s the same principles as branding and good website design – solid, consistent content that tells your story and matches the expectations of your target audience. If users see what they wanted to see when they arrive, SEO is working.

We know SEO. And we prove it by providing monthly reporting, by ensuring you understand the data, and by sitting with you to hammer out the tweaks necessitated by the analytics.

From Google Page 6 to Page 1

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WordPress development

WordPress is the 800-pound gorilla in the web design business. When you talk web development, WordPress will be a part of the conversation. It’s the platform used to power 30% of ALL websites worldwide and 60% of content management sites.

What makes it the defacto standard? It’s flexible, scalable, customizable and has a developer community of 1 Million plus. The bad news is that it can be ugly, insecure and unreliable if you don’t work with designers and developers who know the platform. You’re in luck – we know the platform. Read More

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