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If you’ve shopped for web designers, you’ve undoubtedly heard about WordPress. For good reason – it’s a powerhouse platform that runs 30% of all websites worldwide and has millions of available plugins. What does this mean to you? It means WordPress can get it done for you, no matter how simple or complex your site will be. And – luckily for you – it means you’re in good hands when you choose 761 for your web development. We’re WordPress experts who’ve launched countless beautiful and functional WordPress sites for 7 years now.


You may think that because WordPress is the most popular choice for websites, anyone can create a decent site using it. Nope. In fact it’s an elaborate, intricate, and flexible platform that can become bogged-down and over-complicated very quickly. An improperly built website can introduce a list of risks that can affect usability and uptime at the least, and cause security issues at worst. That’s why we take full ownership and responsibility for every site we create, providing continual support, maintenance and reliable hosting. It’s an insurance policy we gladly provide.

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WordPress started as a blogging platform and has matured into a fully scalable web development engine. From small businesses to billion-dollar enterprises, there is an appropriate solution to fit the need. And what makes WordPress the perfect website platform also makes it the perfect marketing tool – content management.


What’s so important about content management? Many marketing strategies are based on content marketing, meaning there are a lot of pieces being created and utilized to help tell the story. A content management system, or CMS, manages the creation and modification of digital content and supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. In other words, it’s the repository and librarian for your entire digital strategy. And nothing does it better than WordPress.

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